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Quick re-cap of Microsoft CES keynote.

Posted by gamerzworld on January 8, 2007

I’m not going to say too much until I watch the On-Demand version but they did show some pretty cool stuff.

*Video Background: They showed Vista Ultimate with a video as a back ground.

*Picture Editing: They edited a picture with another version of the picture. They patched together a better version using the best stuff in both pictures.

*Live anywhere: They showed two people playing UNO online. One person with Vista and one with a 360.

*Xbox 360 IPTV: They showed IPTV on the 360. I don’t think they said if you have to get a new version of the 360 or not. It will be out holiday season 2007.

*Cooking with Bill Gates: Well not exactly but they showed something that reads RF-ID tags and gives you recipes the involve that product(s).

They showed more but I’ll wait until I see the keynote again. I might have some pictures and video clips later.

[EDIT: I would give you info on Windows Home Server but Microsoft cut off the demo because of intellectual property. Go figure.]


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Links to view the Microsoft CES webcast!

Posted by gamerzworld on January 8, 2007

The web cast starts at 6:30 Pacific but you should reserve your spot as the webcast may have a limit on users.

View it:
500k | 220k | 100k

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Screen shots of Windows Vista Build 5472

Posted by gamerzworld on July 18, 2006

Here you go! New screen shots of Windows Vista Build 5472. There is also a new background in this build. Its included with the screen shots! Enjoy!

*Yes that is the Hover! game from Windows 95.*

Here is that new background…

[Click here to view full pic]

Mini review to come soon?

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Windows Vista Build 5472 is now out on Connect!

Posted by gamerzworld on July 17, 2006

Microsoft has just released Build 5472 on Connect! Microsoft wants to remind you to only burn at 1x or 2x because there have been some problems when burning faster than that, but its worked fine for me when going faster than that. This build DOES have support for the Xbox 360. Just to let you testers know, Microsoft wants you to try to upgrade from Beta 2. Expect some screen shots soon!

Connect Testers: Download it NOW! (Only works for Windows Vista beta testers)

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Windows Vista Build 5456 Screen Shots

Posted by gamerzworld on June 26, 2006

Here are some screen shots I took of build 5456!

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Windows Vista Build 5456 released to testers

Posted by gamerzworld on June 25, 2006

Microsoft has released build 5456 to testers. This is NOT a public build. This build should let you upgrade from Beta 2. (see release notes for more info on this) The keys are the same way as Beta 2.

Windows Vista Build 5456 (x86) — ISO — 2,572.91MB (2.57GB)
Windows Vista Build 5456 (x64) — ISO — 3,356.90MB (3.35GB)

Connect Users

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Internet down? Thank Microsoft and the demand for Vista Beta 2!

Posted by gamerzworld on June 10, 2006

According to Microsoft has told the Windows Featured Communities that the demand for Windows Vista Beta 2 has been overwhelming.  It is, in fact, the largest downloaded software in history.
Currently, they are serving product keys out ten times faster then the downloads can be served.  In fact, they are pumping out bits as fast as they can – any faster and there would be a measurable impact on the internet.  In fact, I quote a Microsoft representive:

"So, we are literally saying that if we increased our bandwidth any further there's a possibilty of taking down the Internet – people might have problems with World Cup viewing, etc"

People who have recieved Vista Beta 2 product keys, but are unable to download, may need to wait a few days, up to one week.  Microsoft encoruages users who want to try out Windows Vista Beta 2 to order the DVD.  When they recieve the DVD in 1-4 weeks, install it, and activate it, they will be automattically guaranteed an RC1 upgrade.

Posted by Aj Collins

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Posted by gamerzworld on June 8, 2006

Microsoft has released the public beta of Windows Vista! You can get the download, DVD, and product key here! This is the same beta 2 thats on connect. Me and all the other beta testers have worked hard giving feedback and bug reports to make Vista usable and the best windows ever! If you have any suggestions or you have found bugs please tell me and I will pass it onto the Windows Vista team.

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Posted by gamerzworld on June 7, 2006


Today, Microsoft will make Windows Vista Beta 2 available to the masses for downloading in three different languages. If you can’t download you don’t have to worry, there will be also an option to order it on DVD media later my informant told me. The released build number will be 5384.4, same as the technical beta. Today is a big step forward to let the end-user have a look at Microsoft’s upcoming operating system and of course to let them tryout all new features.

While waiting for a screenshot collection from us don’t hesitate and download it before the big rush will occur!


UPDATE:The links above are now active.
Microsoft have enabled them for public download-Go get it!!


But now let’s have fun with the first public preview version of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system!

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Announcing IE7+

Posted by gamerzworld on May 28, 2006

Whats IE7+ you say? IE7+ is a version of IE7 that is Windows Vista only. IE7+ has a couple of more features than IE7. The features are Protected Mode, Parental Controls, and improved Network Diagnostics.

IEBlog on MSDN

Posted By Aj Collins

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