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Quick re-cap of Microsoft CES keynote.

Posted by gamerzworld on January 8, 2007

I’m not going to say too much until I watch the On-Demand version but they did show some pretty cool stuff.

*Video Background: They showed Vista Ultimate with a video as a back ground.

*Picture Editing: They edited a picture with another version of the picture. They patched together a better version using the best stuff in both pictures.

*Live anywhere: They showed two people playing UNO online. One person with Vista and one with a 360.

*Xbox 360 IPTV: They showed IPTV on the 360. I don’t think they said if you have to get a new version of the 360 or not. It will be out holiday season 2007.

*Cooking with Bill Gates: Well not exactly but they showed something that reads RF-ID tags and gives you recipes the involve that product(s).

They showed more but I’ll wait until I see the keynote again. I might have some pictures and video clips later.

[EDIT: I would give you info on Windows Home Server but Microsoft cut off the demo because of intellectual property. Go figure.]


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Links to view the Microsoft CES webcast!

Posted by gamerzworld on January 8, 2007

The web cast starts at 6:30 Pacific but you should reserve your spot as the webcast may have a limit on users.

View it:
500k | 220k | 100k

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Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 has been released!

Posted by gamerzworld on June 29, 2006

Today Microsoft has released Beta 3 of IE7. Some of the changes are Drag-able Tabs (as seen in Vista Build 5456), Offline Favorites and Scheduled Offline Favorites have been removed, and more. (See the Release Notes on MSDN)


Not sure which operating system you have?

See Also:

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Announcing IE7+

Posted by gamerzworld on May 28, 2006

Whats IE7+ you say? IE7+ is a version of IE7 that is Windows Vista only. IE7+ has a couple of more features than IE7. The features are Protected Mode, Parental Controls, and improved Network Diagnostics.

IEBlog on MSDN

Posted By Aj Collins

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Microsoft WIE 7 Beta 2 Full Review

Posted by Ahmed Mahdy on May 5, 2006

IE 7 LogoReleased: Windows Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Build 7.0.5346.5

Ahmed Mahdy Posted by: Ahmed Mahdy

Hooray!! Really it’s the spring where everything sweet sweet is brought like , , Love & Sweetest Microsoft products which always astonishes me!
Here is a full review about Windows Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Build 7.0.5346.5

IE7 About

Help –> About Internet Explorer

1st thing I wanted to check it the new IE 7 Cipher Strength, I found out its still 128-bit not likely the IE 7 in the new Windows Vista, anyways that’s not a problem beside surprises Microsoft offered their dear users.
Windows IE 7 has a fantastic Aero Glass GUI, which is the main kernel of the new Windows Vista GUI where clean and clear areas comforts user’s eyes. Here is the main IE 7 interface. Wide, clear and full of features!!

*What’s up New?!! I’m excited

Well, let’s start from Top of the new browser window until its end…

1- Under Title bar which is familiar to us like previous IE versions except a bit change on program name which became: Windows Internet Explorer, there is the address bar, at the left of it Forward, Back buttons, we notice that Forward button (right button) has connected to a list button to browse pages whether they are forward or back of the page you’re in!!!

IE7 Main

2- At the right of the address bar, there is Home button connected with it list button to enable you change your home page or remove it (it would be default IE homepage then), then the famous orange RRS button which is only active in the sites supports XML- RSS feeds, then we see the Print button connected to it list button to select either Print or Print Preview which is a new tool to enable you preview your print out and how many pages page under print would need due to paper size. After that Page button which enables you save page, view source code in HTML, send it, edit it (for fast webpage editing) and Zoom which enables you zooming webpage up to 400% or at your choice (by clicking custom and adding zoom percentage needed) and that’s a cool tool which assuring accessibility options, at last in viewed buttons the Tools button which is shown in figure below.

IE7 Tools buttonIE7 Tools button

IE7 Print Preview1

IE7 Print Preview2

3- Single-Multi tabbing property: Like the competitive famous web browser, Firefox, Microsoft to add tabs to enable user moving between web pages in one browser window! (I won’t deny it’s awesome in times of crash of one of the IE tabs which forces all windows to terminate suddenly). Beside your main tab at left there is a button won’t appear except clicking at the right of the main tab to enable you opening new tab, this button enables you check a full overview for all web pages you are opening in a nice arranged view. We can move to any page by just clicking the tab you want to open page containing it (Note that tasks bar: File Edit … like old IE GUI while clicking on Alt) here in picture I was on my MSN spaces “which represents main tab I opened IE for”, I clicked Windows Vista Blogs “in this time I was reading that topic about new WLM by Leah with her charming smile and cute looking “Thank you Leah and sorry that I stripped your face hehehe”.

IE7 Tabbed

IE7 Bar with Alt On

4- In the right of the tabs, you’d see the Favorites button and favorites options to enable you Import/Export favorites. Check it yourself “Nice that Microsoft fixed bugs in favorites program which caused conflicts and problems with my computer”.

5- At the down of page in status bar, you’d find on the right 100% where you can fast zoom in/out page you’re browsing.

6- Besides GUI features there is many other features in options and advanced options for advanced users only.

"However with those all advantages, there is bits of disadvantages/bugs found like some problems with plug-ins which causes sudden termination of the browser after a message appear and the maximum size of cache was reduced from infinity to 1024 MB only."

I want IE 7……WHERE TO FIND IT?!!
Here is good news; you can now download IE 7 Beta 2 for free!!! It was opened for public last April 2006. Go to
Time for lunch, ewww I like pasta italiano!!!
Have a nice day all!

Posted by: Ahmed Mahdy

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