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Broadband In Egypt Reduced by 40%

Posted by Ahmed Mahdy on June 14, 2006

I’ve read that on today’s newspaper while I was in van back to home from college as I was doing something for external practice when it was so hot.

Egypt On June 14, 2006

Newspaper; “Reposted & Translated” by: Ahmed Mahdy

Ministry of Telecom & IT: 40% Discount for Broadband Internet

Management of NTRA “The National Telecom Regularity Authority” has approved to re-constructing  ADSL service in co-operation of ISPs and Egyptian Telecom.

Service was reduced by 40% to become available for all internet users and distribute it in each Egypt residences/states where 90% only of broadband users are concentrated in Cairo and Alexandria, and NTRA seeks to provide other states by service.

NTRA’s Manager announced new prices plan after discount including new offers useful for all users and it’s for ADSL :

1-      256 Kbps Unlimited bandwidth for 95 EGP.

2-      512 Kbps Unlimited bandwidth for 190 EGP.

3-      1024 Kbps “1 Mbps” Unlimited bandwidth for 380 EGP.

4-      1024 Kbps “1 Mbps” with 10 GB limited bandwidth for 150 EGP and 8 EGP for each extra 1 GB bandwidth.

5-      2048 Kbps “2 Mbps” with 15 GB limited bandwidth for 199 EGP and 8 EGP for each extra 1 GB bandwidth.

*Prices up in EGP “Egyptian Pounds” and plan shown for  monthly subscription.

*For prices conversions in USD "US Dollars" due to latest market prices:

The great news I read also were NTRA offer for foreign investments to held broadband companies including Broadband internet, VoIP “Voice over Internet Protocol” and International dialing where it supports Manholes points in Alexandria “Mid Sea” and Suez “Red Sea” for fiber optics cables and operating units. Foreigner candidate with partnership with one of local candidate “Ally”, has the priority of deal. For full deal details including prices and conditions visit NTRA website:

If any good worldwide famous ISP wants more details about Local ISPs authorized from NTRA, contact me:

Ahmed Mahdy


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