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Windows Live OneCare is out of beta!

Posted by gamerzworld on May 2, 2006

Yes that's right,
The baby I helped test is out of beta and the discounted price of $19.95 is over. You now have a 90 day free trial and a buy price of $49.95 . The price of $49.95 isn't a bad price since OneCare doesn't hog up your process speed and memory like Norton. Also for $49.95 you can install OneCare on 3 computers.

Here are some of the things Live OneCare offers


    • The Windows Live OneCare health meter gives you a clear, continuous indication of your computer's overall level of protection and performance. If Windows Live OneCare detects anything that you can do to improve the health of your computer, the service will automatically show you what action to take and give you a one-click solution.
    • Antivirus, Antispyware, and Firewall help protect your computer from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, hackers, and other threats.
    • With a click of the mouse, you can directly scan individual files and folders for viruses. You can even check attachments that you receive through MSN Messenger for viruses or worms.
    • Windows Live OneCare Backup allows you to copy your important files and settings to CDs, DVDs, or to an external hard disk. Regular backups can help you protect your important data from loss due to accidental deletion, viruses, or hardware or software failure.
    • If you use an external hard disk, you can configure Windows Live OneCare to perform an automatic backup of your important data as part of your regular Tune-up.
    • Tune-up takes care of routine maintenance and helps improve your computer's performance. This automated service performs the following functions:
    • Windows Live OneCare updates itself automatically to counteract new viruses and other threats, and also works with Microsoft Update to help ensure that your computer is up-to-date with the latest critical security updates from Microsoft.
    • Windows Live OneCare continually updates its firewall policy to keep ahead of hackers and make sure that your legitimate programs have the Internet access they need.
    • Windows Live OneCare provides continuous feature updates to subscribers, providing you with the latest technologies to help protect you from emerging threats. If you're worried about a new virus or other threat, you can check for updates yourself with a single click."

There are some more stuff coming out soon. Microsoft has a team of people from the early alpha testing to test new versions and features. This is US only! Windows Vista is NOT supported yet!


Live OneCare site
Try/Buy OneCare
System Requirements
Live OneCare Blog

By Aj Collins


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