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Windows Live Mail Desktop gets new UI

Posted by gamerzworld on May 1, 2006

The Windows Live Mail Desktop team has posted a new blog entree with two pictures of there new UI!
Yikes! When was the last time we had a post? Has it been 2 weeks? We have a perfectly good reason… I promise! We're working towards our May release and for the past 2 weeks, everyone here has been working extra hours towards ZBB. So what's ZBB? According the Microsoft Acronym dictionary, ZBB stands for "The point when development catches up to testing and there are no active bugs that require a fix or resolution." This mean the team decided on a ship date months ago and that date is just right around the corner. We're at point where we have to decide if a bug must be fixed in this release or if can be fixed for the next release. At the end of this week, no developer can have ANY bugs to fix for the release. This means, the important bugs that cause major issues are lined up neatly for the developers to crunch away, one by one. Those bugs that are less important and won't dramatically affect your experience with the product will be moved to our next release. Everyday, the number of bugs that are assigned to a developer has to go down, eventually reaching 0. If the developer does not have the time or resources to fix a bug, the triage team comes in and decides if the bug must be fixed now or if it can be moved. This is incredibly stressful for everyone involved because we want to deliver the highest quality product before our deadline.

What else is new? We've polished up the interface. Our old boring white interface is gone! The Windows Live design team really came through and gave us a much more colorful and polished window. Check it out:

Change the color if you want to feel a different experience:

This work brings us closer to the design of Messenger and just makes the entire experience that much nicer. What do you think?

We've also taken feedback from a lot of our first wave of beta testers and addressed some of the concerns. We've fixed hundreds of bugs since our last release and tried to improve on areas that have come up short in the past.

In other news, Vlada, your faithful Q&A guru and Program Manager has just departed the team for a 4 month trip around Europe. The team gave her a proper send off over lunch last week and then again later that night in Seattle. We'll miss you Vlada… and send us some Photo Emails!

Your diligent worker bee,

-Lei Gong
Source: Windows Live Mail Desktop Blog

By Aj Collins


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